Dimitris Karpouzos Mountain Bike, downhill mtb. “My energy levels were such that I can only compare them with the feeling you have after a good night’s replenishing sleep, When  you  wake up full of energy  wanting to spend the whole day doing your favorite sport.The most amazing thing was that I had the same energy levels and the feeling of well-being even after  training when exhaustion usually kicks in. “

Giorgos Vavoudakis loves climbing. biking, martial arts, gym training. Basically, anything that  entails action! “I’ve tried many fitness supplements but I have never felt this way…honestly. Simply stated with TERRANOVA  Beetroot Juice, Cordyceps & Reishi and Cordyceps, Rhodiola & Ginseng in a 9 hour  non-stop  difficult climbing and hiking route in Olympus I didn’t once feel the need for an energy bar or an isotonic drink!!! What is more, whereas  usually after  such a day I used to disintegrate on the couch….not this time. Upon returning I went out with my friends. No sweat!!”

Sakis Bakavellos: Running and cross-fit “ What surprised me more than anything was the fact that from the first minutes of my training routine I had stamina  and energy to complete the program. I also noticed that by the end of the program I wasn’t as exhausted as before. From day 1 I noticed more stamina and enhanced breathing ability. Now, 5 months after introducing it in my daily life I’m completely satisfied by the result.”

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