Is Tinnitus a common problem among your patients?
Relatively common; almost 1 out of 10 present Tinnitus.

What is usually the cause for Tinnitus or buzzing?
According to Professor Sismanis there are around 20 causes for non pulsatile Tinnitus and around 30 for pulsatile Tinnitus! The most common causes for people visiting my office are gradual hearing loss(usually presbycusis) and acoustic trauma(usually as result of a profession that entails being exposed repeatedly to loud sounds). There are also, however cases of "Transient Tinnitus" due to an inflammation or earwax that do not reappear in a percentage up to almost 100%.

Most patients tend to believe that they have to live with buzzing all of their lives. Is there a cure for Tinittus?
Cure in the sense of a complete healing maybe not( with few exceptions like, for example, Tinnitus due to Otitis that retreats once the inflammation is over). Nevertheless, I completely disagree with the "get used to it" mentality. That's why I prescribe Memovigor 2 to my patients. More than often they report considerable decrease of their Tinnitus and a better quality of life.

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