The International Award for Natural Beauty «Natural Health International Beauty Award 2015» was awarded to TERRANOVA Beauty Complex Skin-Hair-Nails, for the unique physical composition that enhances the beauty from within. The TERRANOVA Beauty Complex Skin-Hair-Nails is a 100 % natural option which stands out because it doesn’t contain only individual nutrients (vitamins , minerals etc. ) as usual, but it is combined with superfoods that maximize the efficiency and enhance good health skin , hair and nails.
Specifically TERRANOVA Beauty Complex Skin-Hair-Nails contains the whole fruit and ipofaes leaves, nettle leaves, horsetail stem, raw cocoa beans, blackberry bilberry, watercress and other herbs that work synergistically and provide the body with nutrients, antioxidants, detoxifying ingredients and the 7 most important omega fatty acids. 100 % natural, without chemical additives and preservatives. Try it and check the difference by yourself!

Just a few words about the Awards «Natural Health Beauty Awards»
The British Awards «Natural Health Beauty Awards» celebrates its 10th birthday. They are now a recognized institution that for the past 10 consecutive years they highlight the best and the most unique advantages of natural beauty products market. They are tested by an authoritative committee composed of the famous beauty editor Emma Vanhinsbergh, President of the Complementary Medical Association Jayney Goddard in London, hairdresser of many stars Daniel Galvin Jnr, the Josephine Fairley, co-founder of organic products company Green & Blacks and author Series «Beauty Bible», the Carole Caplin, specialized in issues holistic lifestyle and Lynne Franks, known guru of women's affairs and animation.