About us

We take care of the tree of life

Life is our inspiration. Our belief is that man enjoys true health when he coexists in harmony with his natural environment. BIONAT is a Greek company that offers provably innovative and effective phytotherapy products and nutritional supplements for the modern man. Our products are based on nature and are produced in innovative ways that ensure safety without having any side effects. We want to provide new health solutions constantly that will have natural and beneficial effects on the human body and quality of life in general.

What activated us     

BIONAT is nothing but the natural continuation of three people’s lives – three people who were living everyday life at a frenzied pace, under continuous professional pressure and self-neglect. That stopped when they realized that the essential enjoyment of life starts with the love of ourselves and ends with the generosity and love that we offer our fellow men. It is a holistic attitude to life expressed by the creation of an organism full of health and wellness, not only for therapy but also for prevention, which promotes a balanced "well-being" in the most natural and safe way.

Our vision

Our vision is to stand out as the best choice of innovative, natural and effective health solutions that holistically "care" for the modern man.


Our values

The values ​​of our company are reflected in the initial letters of our company, that is “BIONAT” in Greek:

Bio, biological. Our main concern is to "care for the tree of life" by offering natural, innovative and safe health solutions that respect the natural environment and help the physical and mental health of the man so that he enjoys and takes advantage of life, being full of energy and creativity in all phases of his evolution.

Iasis (cure). Efficiency is the central axis on which our products move. Efficiency and health without any side effects but with safety and transparency.

Holisticity. Our purpose is to treat not just a symptom or a disease but the overall health of the man.  For us it comprises keeping the harmony of the physical, spiritual and mental powers and the balance of the human body. Our philosophy is holistic, since we perceive the man as a system that interacts with its natural and social environment.

 Μodernism, innovation. We are not interested in promoting another nutritional supplement or medicine but creating and representing innovative solutions, which are 100% based on nature and produced with innovative processes that respect human health and the natural environment.

Self-improvement. We are looking for an endless journey in search of knowledge, aiming at a better and clearer attitude to life's problems. A continuous process that will allow us to understand other people’s attitudes in order to improve ourselves, and of course to offer solutions that will touch society as a whole.

Documentation. Bibliography and research carried out by recognized institutions and organizations around the world prove the effectiveness of our products. Some products are also protected by patents, so in this way they open new horizons in the field of phytotherapy.