Privacy Policy BIONAT

With BIONAT, all your personal data is secure!

Dedicate some time to read this privacy policy and get informed about the way in which this company, under the trade name “BIONAT-KONSTANTINOS LOGOTHETIS AND CO LP”, with central offices in Glyfada, Athens, on 2 Megalou Alexandrou Street, P.C. 16674, tel. +30 210-4121410 and email address info@bionat.gr (hereinafter “our Company” or “Us”), acting as the Data Controller, may collect, store, use and generally process your personal data whenever you register as a user or whenever you use our Company’s website or contact Us by email and/or telephone, in order to be informed and/or use our Company’s products and services or ask questions, express your interest in being employed by BIONAT or generally make transactions with Us. The present privacy policy describes the way in which your personal data is protected by our Company and informs you about your rights as the holders of this personal data, according to applicable law. For any possible questions regarding the present privacy policy, as well as any issue that might occur concerning the processing of your data or the exercising of your rights, you can communicate with our Company either at 2 Megalou Alexandrou Street, Glyfada, Athens, P.C. 16674 or at our email address info@bionat.gr.

1. What is personal data?  

By the term “personal data”, we mean all the information related to individuals, such as full name, postal address, email address, telephone number, etc., which define or could define their identity. When we refer to the “processing” of your personal data, we mean its collection, recording, organization and structure in a file (electronic or printed), its storage, adjustment, conversion and/or updating, its use and transfer to third parties, as well as its limitation or deletion/destruction.

2. Why do we need your personal data?

Communicating several items of your personal data to our Company may be necessary in order to achieve the purposes described in the present policy (subpar 3) or may be optional to you, depending on the BIONAT products and/or services you wish to use. If the communication of your data is necessary in order for Us to provide you with the services/products that you have selected, we always highlight the personal data that is mandatory by placing an asterisk(*), letting you communicate the minimum data we require so as to correspond to your needs/selections. The communication of your data, apart from the information that is highlighted as mandatory, is completely optional to you and does not yield any consequences relating to the main purposes of data collection. However, any possible communication of this data from our part is used to optimize the quality of the services we offer.

3. What data do we collect and for what purposes?

We collect only the most essential data of yours that is relevant, adequate and suitable to serve its purpose.

More specifically:

Α) In order to help you place an order for a product  

When you communicate with Us by telephone and/or email so as to place an order for several BIONAT products, it is essential that we collect some of your data that is required to help you. More specifically, in order to record and send your order, we necessarily need your full name, telephone number, postal address and optionally, your email address.  

Β) In order to respond to your questions and queries and provide you with the information you need

When you communicate with Us, either by telephone or by email, asking Us something or posing a question relating to our products and services, we necessarily need the following information: full name, email address and/or telephone (depending on the way you wish Us to reply, as well as any other information that you find necessary in order to receive a correct and complete answer (e.g. your age, your needs, your physical condition/health). If you communicate several special categories of data to Us (e.g. health, racial origin, sex life), BIONAT will make use of them and process them exclusively for the purpose for which you make them known to Us and for which you have given Us your explicit consent, in accordance with the legislation, as well as the (subpar 5) processing principles given below.

C) In order to send newsletters by email or SMS (messages to your mobile phone)

In order to send you information material – newsletters – by the means mentioned above (email/SMS) referring to BIONAT products and/or services, offers and promotion invitations to events related to BIONAT products and/or services, as well as to other events hosted either by our Company or by third parties (e.g. scientific/sports/charity, etc.), information on new scientific data related to health, nutrition, treatment of diseases/conditions and so forth, we need the following information: full name, postal address, email address and/or telephone number (depending on the way you wish to receive the abovementioned information/material).

D) In order for Us to comply with obligations that are imposed by the current applicable legislation

In several cases, BIONAT shall preserve your data in order to be able to comply with the obligations deriving from the applicable law (e.g. tax provisions, legislative or regulatory transparency provisions referring to healthcare professionals and so forth).  In these cases, you will be asked to communicate your personal data that is seen as necessary for our compliance with our legal obligations mentioned above.

Ε) In order to evaluate the requests and CVs you send Us, aimed at being employed by our Company

If you wish to work with Us and you communicate your personal data to that end, BIONAT shall hold and process the above-mentioned data exclusively for that purpose, under your explicit consent and according to what is provided for by the existing legislation, as well as to the abovementioned (subpar 5) principles.

F) In order for Us to improve and adjust your preferences and selections referring to our products and/or services – use of cookies.

The BIONAT website may ask your browser to store cookies, a small data file, to your computer or portable device. A cookie can be used in order to allow a location to memorize information you had entered earlier. It also contributes to the provision of information related to specific content to you and it also monitors the way you use units of internet locations. We might use cookies in order to understand your preferences and adjust your access to your preferences. Your consent is essential in order for BIONAT to memorize the user’s data, as well as your preferences, in the long term. You may withdraw your consent by changing the settings of your browser concerning the deletion of cookies from the hard disk of your computer, the exclusion of all cookies or the reception of notifications, before the storage of a cookie. Take a look at the instructions found in your online browser in order to find out more about these functions. Your consent is voluntary. However, if you object to the installation of cookies to your browser, BIONAT might not be able to offer you full access to all the functions of the Company’s website.  

4. Do we share your data with third parties? When and under what guarantees of safety?

Firstly, access to your data is only granted to specific employees – external partners of our Company (being the Data Controllers) who are bound by confidentiality clauses and clauses of personal data protection. In order to achieve the purposes mentioned in the present policy, it might be necessary to allow third parties to access your data. Indicatively:

  • To service providers processing personal data on behalf of our Company, with which we conclude agreements that oblige them to provide sufficient guarantees and apply the appropriate technical and organizational measures for the protection of your personal data.
  • To any third bodies, to the extent needed for: (i) complying with the request of the State, judicial decision or legal provision; (ii) preventing illegal use of websites;  (iii) protecting BIONAT from claims of third parties; and (iv) contributing to the prevention or investigation of cases of fraud and/or other illegal acts.
  • To any third parties, when you have given your consent yourself (for example, in courier services, in order to successfully complete the receipt of your order).

If transferring your data is necessary for the above reasons,

  • we offer to third parties only the information needed for the provision of their specific services
  • they can use your data only for specific purposes, which are determined in our contract with them
  • we co-operate closely with them, in order to secure that your secrecy is respected and protected anytime
  • if we stop using their services, any of the data kept will be deleted or rendered anonymous

Those performing the process on our behalf have agreed upon and are contractually committed by the Company:


  • to maintain confidentiality
  • not to send your data to any third party without your permission
  • to take adequate and appropriate safety measures
  • to comply with the legal framework for the protection of personal data and mainly Regulation 979/2016/ΕΕ (otherwise GDPR)

5. Data Protection Principles

ΒΙΟΝΑΤ implements all the necessary technical, physical and organizational measures in order to secure the incorporation of the data protection principles in the processing of all your personal data, as well as the complete integration of the necessary safety measures in order to correspond to the minimum requirements of the applicable law and to protect your rights. More specifically, ΒΙΟΝΑΤ consciously adopts the data protection principles of the General European Regulation by definition, while it also ensures that your data:


  • is subject to processing in a fair, lawful and transparent way;
  • is collected for one or more determined, explicit and lawful purposes and is not subject to any further processing that is conducted in a way that does not correspond to the aforementioned purposes;
  • is appropriate, relevant and is not restricted only to what is necessary in relation to the purpose of its processing;
  • is accurate and, whenever it is necessary, is “updated”, while personal data that is inaccurate or obsolete is deleted or corrected without any unjustified delay;
  • is kept in a form allowing the identification of those holding this data exclusively for the period of time that is needed for the purposes of its processing;
  • is subject to processing in a way which secures the rights of those holding this personal data; and
  • is subject to processing in a way that ensures the appropriate protection of your personal data, including protection by non-authorized or illegal processing and by accidental loss, destruction or damage, by applying the appropriate technical or organizational safety measures.

6. What are your rights as the holder of the data we process?

ΒΙΟΝΑΤ fully respects your rights as the holder of the data it processes and implements reasonable compliance measures. These include your right:  


  • to be informed or notified of the intended processing activity;
  • to access the data we preserve;
  • to request the correction, deletion or limitation of its processing;  
  • to make use of your data portability;
  • not to be subject to a decision that is exclusively based on automated processing, which produces legal effects that concern you or significantly affect you; and
  • to object to this processing.

Right to access your personal data


This means that you are entitled to be informed by Us if we process your data.  If we do so, you can ask to be informed about the purposes of this processing, the kind of data we preserve, if and to whom your data is communicated, for how long it is stored, if there is automated decision-making, as well as about the rest of your rights, such as that of correction, data deletion, limitation of processing and submission of a claim to the Hellenic Data Protection Authority.

Right to correct inaccurate personal data


If you become aware that there are any mistakes in your data, you may submit a claim to have it corrected (e.g. correcting the name or updating the address).

Right to deletion/right to be forgotten


You may ask Us to delete your data if it is no longer necessary for the above-mentioned purposes of processing or if you wish to revoke your consent for the cases in which this is the only legal basis.

Right to your data portability


You may ask Us to provide you with a legible form of the data that you have given or ask Us to transmit it to a different Data Controller.

Right to limit the processing


You may ask Us to limit the processing of your data for as long as the examination of your objections referring to this processing is pending.

Right to object and revoke your consent regarding the processing of your data


You may object to the processing of your personal data and we will then stop processing your data if there were no other imperative and legal reasons prevailing over your right. If you claim your consent upon the collection, processing and use of your personal data, you may revoke your consent at any time and that will be valid for future cases.

Right not to receive marketing communications


You may choose not to receive any marketing communications from our Company, by modifying the options in the user’s account (myprofile) area of our website. You may also choose not to receive marketing communications, by changing the email and SMS subscriptions and by clicking the link for deletion or by following the instructions included in the message. Alternatively, you may contact Us using the contact information found in the “Any questions or comments” section below.  

If the processing of your personal data is based on our legal interest

In cases when we process your personal data based on our legal interest, you may ask Us to stop for reasons that are related to your personal condition. We will then act accordingly if there is no legal imperative reason for Us to continue processing your personal data.

7.How can you exercise your rights?  

In order to exercise your rights, you may submit a relevant claim, either to the Company’s postal address (2 Μegalou Alexandrou Street, Glyfada Athens, P.C. 16674), or to its email address (info@bionat.gr) under the title «Exercise of Right» and we will examine it and reply to you as soon as possible. Exceptionally, if you wish to revoke your consent regarding the delivery of a newsletter, you can choose the option of the link «Removal from the newsletter delivery list – click here», which can be found at the bottom of each newsletter. In order for Us to protect your personal data, we will ask you to verify your identity before you move to any claim you wish to lodge, in accordance with the present privacy policy. If you have provided authorization to a third person to lodge a claim on your behalf, this person will be asked to prove that he/she possesses your authorization to act for that purpose.  

8. When do we respond to your requests?

We respond to your requests without any delay, for free, and in any case within one month from the moment we receive your request. However, if your request is complicated or if you submit a large number of requests, we will inform you within this month if we need an extension of another two months during which we will reply to you. If your requests are manifestly unfounded or excessive, particularly due to their recurrent nature, the Company may impose the payment of a reasonable amount, taking into consideration all the administrative expenses needed for providing information or performing the requested action or may refuse to act upon the request.

9.What is the applicable law when your data is being processed by Us?

The applicable law is Greek law, as determined according to the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679/ΕU, and generally, the current national and European legislative and regulatory framework for the protection of personal data.  The competent courts for any emerging differences in relation to your data are the Courts of Athens.

10.How will you be notified of any amendments to the present policy?  

We update the present privacy policy whenever it is necessary. If there are important changes in the privacy policy or in the way we use your personal data, we will post the update of the present document on our site before these changes enter into force and we will inform you about it in any appropriate way. We encourage you to read the present policy at regular intervals, in order for you to know how your data is protected.  The present privacy policy was lastly amended on May 25, 2018

11. Any questions or comments?

We hope that the present privacy policy helped you understand the way in which we manage your personal data, as well as your rights to control this management made by our Company.

If you have any questions that have not been answered, or comments and concerns that you might have regarding our privacy policy, please contact Us either at our postal address at 2 Megalou Alexandrou Street, Glyfada, Athens, P.C. 16674, or our email address info@bionat.gr.